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Album art for spectoral Sweet Deprivation (Pilot Darcy remix)

Pilot Darcy gives Spectoral a sweaty late night make over!

Spectoral’s alt-RnB, future soul single, SWEET DEPRIVATION, gets a sweaty late night deep house make over by Sydney’s melodic lady, Pilot Darcy. 


Album art for spectoral Sweet Deprivation (Pilot Darcy remix)

Tapping into a lengthy history as a producer and former career as electronic musician in the 90s (under the name of SiN and SiNthetic), Pilot Darcy applies some old school deep house tricks to the slow burner.

She says “I was so inspired by the original track I immediately wanted to grab the hooks and milk them for all they were worth. Andrew (Spectoral) sings with such a sexy voice so I wanted to make sure the remix still captured the passion and mood of his original song”.

Klaus Hill gave it his magic touch when mastering. Local Sydney DJ’s have likened the track to Blond:ish vs Deep Dish and local stations, including, Bondi Radio DJ’s are giving it a spin.

spectoral_pilot_darcy_remixSpectoral (right) is stoked with the track as it comes off the back of a very busy 2017 releasing a number of singles and performing around his Melbourne hometown. Signed to Las Vegas micro label FVYDID, this is one track you’ll hear late at night when clubbing this summer.

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