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Walking Hearts single cover for Pilot Darcy downtempo track

Walking Hearts

Making electronic music is an interesting process. It’s like hitting the kitchen to fix yourself a delicious meal.

You select your ingredients, only using those that are fresh and discard the sounds that have been sitting idly for too long. You chop and dice an element that perhaps would flavour your song to strongly. Yet you want to keep a bass flavour nice and smooth to ground the palette.

We cook with emotion, we create songs with feeling. An essence is savoured and in Walking Hearts I wanted to capture an optimistic journey. I achieved this yet in the end, I could not help but think about those that journey, right now as I type, as you read, in search of a new home. A new land. Stability. Safety.

I have my studio, you have my new song, we have our kitchens. Some are in possession of none. They are…. walking hearts.

Enjoy this new downtempo instrumental song, please share and download as you wish xx