Walking hearts featured on Audioglider Mixtape

This post is not for the “gush-phobic”. Cos right now I’m buzzing with the news that Walking Hearts has made it to Audioglider’s latest mixtape! I can honestly state that lovers of all older 4AD artists, especially this Mortal Coil albums, will feel like you have come home when listening to Audioglider. If you don’t know the UK producer, but love beautiful atmospheric music, allow me to continue.

I accidentally found the Audioglider out in the melodisphere. Some might say it was fate that put the Pilot and the Glider together. Since discovering his tunes I became an avid fan. The guys has been producing tracks, way more professionally, for a little longer than me and knows his trade. What’s more he is super nice, genuine and down to earth.

Audioglider’s musical taste is varied indeed, but he has a talent for putting together the best flow ambient and chill mixtapes, the kinda stuff you want to listen to after dinner, before bed, or even in the dentist’s chair. Seriosuly! I can vouch for this, after three hours surgery his mixes were the only thing that got me through.

Anyway… go listen for yourself to his latest mixtape on Soundcloud and keep your ears on track 4. And the good news, you can download this treasure for free!


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